How can I start a business on Amazon

The most talked about the question in the world of e-commerce is “How can I work with Amazon”? In today’s post, I will discuss Amazon’s 3 business models, inshallah. I hope reading this post of mine, and you will get answers to many questions in your mind. Before going to the main discussion, I would like to highlight some facts about Amazon to you that are:

Point 1: If 100 percent of people start a business on Amazon, 20 people, see the light of success. So you can’t work everywhere because of your confidence. In some places, you have to be with your luck; Amazon is like that. No one has the power to say who will succeed and who will fail except the Lord of this world. Even if you are guided by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, you cannot succeed unless success is written in your destiny.

Therefore, before starting any work in the world, everyone should seek help from his creator because no one knows what will be good for him and what will be bad for him except the owner of the world.

So I would request the Muslim brothers to pray “Salatul Istekhara” and ask Allah for help before starting a business on Amazon. I have heard the biographies of many successful people whose success was mainly due to Salatul Istekhara. Even if you fail after praying Salatur Istikhara, understand that it is good for you in this failure.

Point 2: You cannot become rich overnight by doing business on Amazon. To do this business, you must show extreme patience in many cases.

Point 3: Profit-loss in this business depends on the product you are dealing with. So now let’s come to the main point.

Arbitrage: This is Amazon’s safest business model. I have already uploaded a video group about Arbitrage; you can watch it.

Startup Budget: You can start with any budget. If it is above 50 thousand baht, it is best.

Monthly Potential Income: If you invest like $1000, then at the end of the month, $300-$500 profit will come. The profit margin is usually within 20%. If you can select good products then at the end of the month the profit can come to $500.

Estimated Time: It does not take even 1 month to start this business because there are no unexpected problems, but the profit is comparatively less.

FBA Wholesale: If your budget is above $4000, then FBA Wholesale is best for you because here, the profit is stable, which is not in Arbitrage.

Monthly Potential Income: $500-$1500 (It depends on your product and buy box)

Estimated Time: If you want to start from scratch, it will take 3-4 months. And if you have ready LLC/LTD, you can start within 1 month.

Private Label: Those who earn money from Amazon do private labels. In Private Label, you have to test your patience because in Arbitrage and many Wholesale people start getting sales from the first day the product goes live if they can select the right product.

Still, in Private Label, it is not like that because here, you are not selling any other popular brand product, but it is selling its brand products. And making a new brand known to people is not an easy task. Private label is basically of 2 types. One is a Private Label, and another is a Micro Private Label.

If you start from scratch in markets outside USA/UK, i.e., UAE, Canada, Mexico, etc., you can begin within 5 lakhs, but if you do it in USA/UK, then it will take less than 15 lakhs. Private label has more risk and profit, but for those who are going to start a new Amazon business, it is better not to do private label.

Monthly Potential Income: $1500-$5000+ (It Depends on your product and Marketing)

Estimated Time: If you want to start from scratch, i.e., complete the Trademark, Brand Registry, etc., it will take a minimum of 5 months. But I would advise those who are going to start a private label that before spending lakhs of rupees on a product, test the product by spending 20-30 thousand rupees, or else there is a chance of further loss.

If we get a good response from students in our upcoming FBA Mastery batch, we will later introduce Rapid Live Launch(RLP) to students for Private Label Inshallah. By doing this, students will be able to get practical experience and will have the courage to launch the product themselves. Join our upcoming FBA Mastery batch to learn more about Amazon. Registration link in comments.

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