Children spend an immense amount of time indoors, in front of a screen, yet they live in a modern era. The eyes come first when it comes to computer or other screen use. So it’s essential to keep them safe. Here is how you can take care of your child’s eyes.

Signs Of Having Vision Problem

When your child spends lots of time on screens, you should be aware of signs that could indicate the onset of “computer vision syndrome.” Symptoms include dryness of the eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

If your child experiences such symptoms, I advise you to consult an ophthalmologist who will examine your child’s eyes first. The ophthalmologist will try to find out the cause of the signs and will most likely recommend eye exercises.

Also, they will probably prescribe some eye drops or glasses. But before going to the doctor, you should check if your child contains such signs that indicate your child has vision problems

  • Squinting
  • Constrained eye movements
  • Inability to find words with their eyes
  • Difficulty reading, even with corrective lenses
  • Turns the book or newspaper upside down to read it better
  • Difficulty in distinguishing colors
  • He doesn’t like to look at specific light sources

How Can You Protect Your Children’s Eyes?

If you think your child is affected by the screen and you need to protect their eyes, you can try these.

Avoid Watching the Screen in Complete dark room.

It is vital to protect children’s eyes from most light sources. If a child watches television, especially in a bright room, there is a chance that the child’s head may tilt back, and naturally, the eyes will be exposed to light. The longer time spent in front of the screen, the darker the room, and thicker curtains can be used to help reduce exposure.

Allow limited time Screen watching.

Letting children watch more than 30 minutes a day is not advisable. If the time spent watching television is prolonged, the eyes may be exposed for a long time to light. It may also cause headaches and other vision problems. You should also avoid using a computer or playing an online game for more than 1 hour daily.

Accommodating Glasses Can Help

You can try to correct your child’s eyesight with glasses or contact lenses. You can reduce your child’s eyestrain and headache by choosing the best prescription. And you will also be able to help them reduce their excessive squinting. If you want to know more about the correction, you can visit some optometrists or ophthalmologists.

Observe Your Child’s Behavior and Symptoms

Don’t overlook your child’s behavior and eyesight problems. If your child has vision problems, one of the first signs will likely be that they are squinting. It would help if you tried to check their eyes as soon as possible so you can correct their eyesight early. Remember that even if you have already examined your child’s eyes, it is possible to have a future eye exam to monitor any changes and ensure the quality of their vision.

Don’t Read in Less Light

Another tip for you to consider is to avoid reading in less light. When reading in low light, our eyes need more time to adjust, increasing the chance of hurting our eyes. The way to fix this is to try to read under brighter light or use a lamp when reading. The brightness of the light from a lamp should be enough that it won’t hurt your eyes while trying to read or watch television.

Use Good Quality Sunglass

If you often visit beaches or places with a lot of sunlight, you should use good quality sunglasses. Sunglasses can effectively protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Try to protect your eyes from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Final Words

Following a proper eye protection policy is essential to keep your child’s eyes healthy and safe. Regularly check their vision and detect early signs of eye problems. If you notice any changes in vision or eye problems, ensure that you seek professional help immediately.

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