How To Measure Door For Replacement
How To Measure Door For Replacement

Doors are the first impression when someone visits our house. An accurate measurement will require if you are shifting into a new place or replacing the old doors. But learning how to measure a door for replacement is necessary if you are new to this work. Some pinpoint functions come while changing a door. Craftsmen always say a proverb that measures twice and cut once.

However, proper guidance is always helpful in completing any new task or work. You will get the complete instruction here to measure a door for replacement. Doors also come in different types, each of which has different shapes. Home available tools will be needed to calculate the length and width of the doors. Any expensive equipment won’t be necessary to get the door measurement.

Tools For Door Measurements

A few tools you will need to manage to measure doors. Here is the list of the tools:

  1. Open-reel tapes.
  2. Notebook.
  3. Pen.
  4. Step-ladder.

Basics Of Doors

We all may are not familiar with the basic anatomy of a door. Usually, a door comes in two parts: prehung and slab. Prehung doors are fully ready-made with all kinds of door accessories, such as hinges, jambs, frames, and fancy trimming. On the other hand, a slab is just a solid piece without any door accessories and trimming.

Now the door measurement depends on the type of the doors. The measures will differ as pre-hung doors have other accessories, and you won’t have to install new ones.

How To Measure A Door For Replacement

Before installing, you must measure a couple of factors: a prehung or slab door. The main elements are the door width, height, and thickness. All other accessories are attached to the prehung door so that the measurement will differ. Follow the step-by-step instruction below if you are a newbie and don’t know how to measure a door for replacement.

How To Measure For A Prehung Door

The measurement will always require while installing a new or existing door.

Measure the door width

  • Take the open-reel tape measure and place it in the door from top left to top right. Measure the middle or lower part of the door is also recommended. Now, note down all the dimensions. If different sizes come out, take the highest one.

Measure the door height

  • It will be professional and comfortable if the door is closed while measuring. Place the tape from the top corner to the bottom corner of the door to measure the height. Write down this figure on the notepad. Measure the slab of the door only, not the frame.

Measure the door thickness

  • Open the door to measure the thickness. Now, place the tape on the sidewise edge of the door and note down the dimension. You can also measure the jamb for consistency, and the result will be the same.

How To Measure A Door Slab

Measuring a door slab is easier than a prehung door as it doesn’t contain other door materials.

Width Measurements

It’s just like the previous measurement method. Place the tape from the left to the door’s right side. Also, measure the middle and lower parts of the door. Don’t forget to write down the dimensions on the notepad.

Measure The Height

Again put the tape from the top of the slab to the bottom and note it. Measure different height positions and take the maximum number.

Measure The thickness

Take tape and measure from the sidewise area of the slab just like before you have done it on the prehung door. And note down the dimensions.

Determine the frame

The door frames are always 2inch greater than the slab from all sides. So when determining a door frame, you will need to plus 2inch on both sides of the slab and the top. That 2inch extra will measure the thickness of a door frame. Determining is required for the door frame if you are not installing a prehung door.

How to Measure for a Sliding Door Replacement?

Sliding doors are different from common doors. Also, the measurement of a sliding door is different too. You must remove the interior molding with a wide ply bar for a sliding door, and The rough opening will be revealed then. The rough start usually surrounds the doors.

How To Measure Door For Replacement
How To Measure Door For Replacement

Prehung slide doors come in many standard sizes, but you must measure the rough opening. For a proper fit, choose a standard door size that is not larger than the smallest dimension of the rough start. Now measure the wild space from the outside of the house.

Start from the bottom of the threshold nose to the top of the head jamb. Now go inside and measure from the rough opening to the head jamb. Add these dimensions together into the notebook. The total number is the rough opening height. Check the measurement at the center and both sides too.

Take the smallest figure. Now, please measure the width and do it three times. Next, you have to measure the jamb depth of the existing door. Determine the active side of the sliding door. If a door opens on the right, it’s a right-handed door opposite will be left-handed.


Measure a door for replacement isn’t a matter of worry. Anyone can do it easily, as it’s pretty simple. But remember, left side hinges mean the door is left-hand open away, whereas right side hinges mean the door is right-hand open away. Always write the dimensions of width, length, and thickness properly. Try to use the standard sizes of doors.

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