What Is A Met Guard In Boots

Working in a place where chances of getting foot injuries are higher? You might have chosen a met guard boot from the very beginning. For your information, more than PPE is needed to ensure your overall protection in the workplace. Especially placing your feet into a secured position will be possible through this tiny but effective tool.

Still, trying to figure out what a met guard can bring into the boots? Worry not; I’ve prepared this article to spell those out!

So, what is a met guard in boots?

Met guards, also known as metatarsal guards, help your toe protect from unwanted risks and injuries. These guards come in two types- internal and external. Internal guards pose below the tongue of the boot to deliver superior protection. And external ones shield the topside of your foot and the laces.

However, these explanations aren’t enough, I reckon! Meanwhile, you’ve got more hunger to learn more.

You’re lucky for now! I’ll tell you what a met guard is! At the same time, you’ll know what you require for complete protection for the feet here! So, let’s dig into how safe your feet can be inside the metatarsal guard.

What Is A Met Guard In Boots?

A met guard is also known as a metatarsal guard. This tool directly works as a protective shield to the steel toe boot. Its main task is to keep your foot secured from any injuries. Additionally, wearing the ideal PPE is equally vital for ensuring your protection.

Either your workplace demands or even other relevant cases ask you to have better protection to avoid unwanted and uncertain risks. Heavy items might get fallen down directly or roll towards your foot!

A met guard works like a robust steel toe cap. So, next time you keep working in dangerous areas will not let you face these kinds of risks.

This name suggests you’ll get proper care of the metatarsal bones by wearing them. Unsure where your metatarsal bones are situated? You’ll get them on the upper side of your foot. And these bones come in quite tinier sizes with thinner widths.
Why Get a Boot with a Metatarsal Guard?

Protecting Your Feet

Ensuring protected and minimizing health risks are the topmost priorities in any workplace. Credit goes to the better legislation that wearing PPE is a must at various works. Meanwhile, these guards come in the form of personal protective equipment. Just like other organs, feet are no exception!

Especially it’s a must item in working environments where foot injuries happen so often. As these are made of premium quality aluminum, steel and other relevant lightweight materials, no injuries might occur while wearing them.

These guards can minimize your pain if a heavy material rolls into your foot or drops directly to the foot. And even hot materials can potentially burn the topside of your foot! So, why not invest in boots with met guards?

Maximum Foot Protection

The metatarsal bones in the foot are very injury-prone. You’ll see the front side of your foot sticking out farther from the body line, which makes it prone to injuries and health risks.

And the bones are situated so close to the skin that they stay unprotected due to having no flesh, muscle or even fat over bones. As a result, the chances of breaking the bones are higher when heavy materials drop down onto the feet.

The next time you go to your workplace will require a met guard. At least, you can minimize the damage inside and outside the feet and heal after pain.

Are Metatarsal Guards Comfortable?

Yes, it is! Boots having met guards with either internal or external, you’ll notice sheer comfort. That’s the reason why these guards are so popular nowadays. In the meantime, consider wearing boots for your daily activities.

And, these met guards aren’t even bulging. If you differentiate the existing types here, external ones might be challenging. But the internal guards come thinner, almost invisible, and simultaneously offer a high level of protection.

You can consider the inner ones quite flexible and well-padded. In the meantime, external metatarsal guards don’t impact the feel of the boot. Both cases require you a well-fitted boot pair to get the maximum protection.

More importantly, met guards can get stretched over time, allowing you more flexibility and comfort, except the external ones. An external metatarsal guard comes solid, concentrated covered by either metal or composite materials.

So, it’s highly unlikely to find the guard stretched while wearing the boot. That’s the case; I would prefer internal met guards and suggest you buy the same!

Also, in my opinion, Muck Boot Men’s Chore Max Met Guard boot can be an ideal item for you. It’s quite comfy and water-resistant at the same time! You can also keep Timberland Pro Endurance Met Guard Steel Toe Boot on your bucket list!

Are Metatarsal Guards Expensive?

Good quality steel toe boots usually come expensive in pricing. Adding the cost of met guards with them is manageable indeed! I recommend you get the Timberland Pro Endurance Met Guard boot, and the Chore, Max Met Guard boot, comes with reasonable pricing.

And don’t worry about the boots you picked earlier. From my extensive online research, I’ve got almost every toe boot suitable for the met guards.

What Is A Met Guard In Boots

What is the difference between neutral and metatarsal footbeds?

The neutral footbed delivers improved arch support which is developed to match most foot types available out there. Meanwhile, providing additional ball-of-foot support to relieve forefoot pain is the key goal for the metatarsal pad footbed.

Does Thorogood make metatarsal boots?

Thorogood, coming from the United States, highly produces Steel Toe Internal Metatarsal Guard Work Boots. These products are enriched with protected and premium-quality traits. Also, manufacturers ensure you have ASTM standards approval. Their steel toes highly provide shields to your toes from falling objects.

When should metatarsal guards be worn?

You should wear metatarsal guards in your workplace where risks of falling weighty objects are there. Also, these might end up rolling onto the top of your foot, which can bring serious injuries. Usually, these guards are made of light composites such as high-grade aluminum, steel, or synthetic materials.

What is a met guard?

A met guard, aka metatarsal guard, is also considered the evolution of the steel toe boot. This metatarsal guard shields the upper side of the foot from any unwanted injuries in the workplace especially. As a result, your toes get covered through this steel toe cap. These guards bring two different types- inner and external.

Final Words

Now, you know exactly what is a met guard in boots, don’t you? I’ve tried to dig out all the required information in front of you! Next time you’ll be taking enough precautions, including a met guard in boots. That’s all for today! See you at the next one.

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